About Me

My name is Jeremy and I work and live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I'm primarily a software developer but also enjoy managing computer systems as a system administrator.

I enjoy solving problems and helping people. This is the case whether I'm working as a software developer, system administrator or in a technical support role. I enjoy the challenge of analyzing a problem to find the best possible solution(s).

As a programmer I work with Python, Django, C and C++. I can also work with HTML and CSS as needed but typically would work with a graphic designer to make the HTML look good. I typically write software on FreeBSD and Linux systems. Examples of my work will be listed in the portfolio section as they become available.

As a system administrator I work with FreeBSD and Linux systems. I am an advocate for using and working on/with open source products; expecially when working on server side and infrastructure projects. I tend to use FreeBSD, CentOS and Debian in my production and test servers.

When I'm not working with computers you can find me out and about; having fun or doing volunteer work. I enjoy home brewing (bear, mead and wine), playing disc golf, gaming (video games and board games) and working in my garden. I've also been known to tinker on various projects. Learning how things work is enjoyable and rewarding for me.